Zachary Anton Reeves Creative

exacq Technologies


For five years I acted as the in-house creative point person at exacq Technologies now a brand of Johnson Controls. I provided direction, design and delivery of digital, print and video content.

Select Projects:


exacq Video (a crazy amount of content)

  • Planned, wrote, shot, edited and delivered over 90 videos of both training and promotional content.

  • Working with the small marketing team we produced content to drive training and promote new products.

  • Lead the charge to create engaging and professional video.

End Result:

Quality video and diversified video content calendar that delivered hygiene, hub, hero content to an active audience.


Enhanced Product Photography & Updated Locking Front Cover

  • Streamlined product photography process utilizing KeyShot to produce product renderings.

  • Increased efficiency, delivery time and cost associated with producing high resolution photos of systems.

  • Worked with product engineering to design front cover which helped increase brand awareness.

End Result:

A better looking end product that was cheaper to produce and more versatile for use across all mediums.


exacq Recruitment, Photography/Video Project

  • In 24 hours we wrote, shot and edited together a rad video to for recruitment.

  • Worked across multiple teams to pull together a motivational and convincing video.

  • Acted as the shooter, editor and creative direction for video and photography.

End Result:

An effective video and photographic tool that was used on social media channels & website to recruit top talent.